What is Hello Westcliffe?


We started in 2015 as an Instagram account that featured images of the Wet Mountain Valley.

We share images and stories with the purpose of creating authentic connection, both locally + online. Whether you live here full time, or love visiting and want to stay connected while you're away, we hope to include everyone.

We're passionate about empowering the people who care about Custer County to use their skills and abilities to make this a better place for everyone.


We feature YOUR images on social media

We host a Photo Challenge each summer to encourage safe adventuring in the Sangres de Cristo Mountains #summerinthesangres

We host a Summer Ambassador Program where we partner with around 10 folks who love the valley and allow them to use our platform to share their passion through photography, writing and social media.

In Development

We're currently developing our Cohort Communities that will partner with local businesses + nonprofits to share their stories through quality images, videos and shareable content.

We're also looking for someone who would like to help us develop and maintain a presence on TikTok and Instagram reels.

What Can You Do?

We're always open to hearing what Y O U are passionate about and find ways to collaborate for the good of this valley.

  • Join one of our Cohort Communities! (you don't have to be local full time)
  • Share your images by tagging us!
  • Join the Summer Photo Challenge or Summer Ambassador Program!
  • Nominate a local business or nonprofit for a feature!